According to Lincoln Riley, team transfers are not only bad for college football — they’re ‘unhealthy’ for the league. College football fan, Walt Chantry discusses the conversation that’s been roaring since Chandler Morris transferred.

Transferring from one team to another isn’t unheard of in college football.  While it’s not exactly popular by any stretch of the imagination, transferring teams — or even conferences — is not uncommon.  In 2016, Maurice Smith transferred from Alabama to Georgia.  And while the high-profile transfer received a lot of attention and buzz, the SEC dealt with the situation.  And that was that.

But, now that Chandler Morris has left Oklahoma for TCU, the Big 12 is tackling the transfer experience.  Not everyone is embracing the shift with open arms this time around.  In fact, Lincoln Riley is particularly up in arms on the matter.  In his opinion, Morris shouldn’t be allowed to transfer intra-conference without penalty.  He even went as far as to say allowing this transfer to take place is unhealthy for the sport, given the leap from conference to conference.

What are your thoughts on transferring teams in college football?  Walt Chantry isn’t quite sure how he feels on the matter.  But Lincoln Riley’s comments certainly have Chantry questioning!