This week, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott presented an interesting proposal. His suggestion would expand the College Football Playoff from 4 to 8 teams for this 2020 season. College football fan, Walt Chantry shares the somewhat peculiar proposal:

Despite Larry Scott’s proposal to boost the College Football Playoff from 4 to 8 teams, it’ll be a no-go on the expansion this year.  The proposal was immediately shot down by the CFP management committee.  While Walt Chantry thinks it would have been interesting to see 8 teams in the playoffs, he understands why uniformity will ring this season.  In a COVID-19 world, everything is anything but normal.  In a way, it’s nice to see something staying the same this year.  Many fans didn’t even expect the 2020 college football season to go on — the fact that it has is a win in itself!