Reading has so many benefits for the brain – especially for kids, who brains are still developing. Not only is it a fun pasttime, but it helps with vocabulary, emotional development, aids in sleep, improves mood, and reduces stress. Parents and teachers want kids to read, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky.

Walt chantry how to encourage your family to read

Walt Chantry is an avid historian, reader, and book collector. Today he shares his tips for how to encourage your family to read.

  • Try to set time aside every day to read aloud to your kids.
  • Read books yourself. Small kids especially want to mimic the things they see adults do. If you read, they will want to as well.
  • If you have older kids, form a mini book club and vote on a book for the whole family to read together. That way you can discuss the books you read with each other.
  • Visit your local library. Buying new books all the time can get really expensive, but your local library is a fantastic free resource. Often times they run events and activities for kids.
  • Let your kids pick out what they want to read. If you try to force them to read a certain book, odds are they won’t want to. Encourage their interests and let them read what they are drawn to.