It seems so simple. To read more books, you must pick up more books and read their contents. While we understand the process we must go through to read more, it often isn’t as easy as it appears. Avid reader Walt Chantry shares his thoughts on helping the average person finish reading more books.

Image: Pexels

For starters, you need to find a book that interests you! There’s nothing worse than forcing yourself through a 600+ page book that glazes your eyes over. I suggest finding your local library over a bookstore so that you can easily return a dull book without feeling remorse for spending money on it.

Next, make a weekly page goal! Unless you find a perfect page-turner that you cannot dare put down, it might be helpful for novice readers to set up a page goal you would like to read each week to keep you on track of your book goals for the year (or month, or however long you are tracking). 

Another tip is to find a genre that really suits you. Perhaps you dabbled into non-fiction but are having a hard time keeping your interest in these types of books. That’s okay! Maybe this is a sight to switch gears into a captivating fictional story instead.

Lastly, create gentle reminders to pick up your current book and just start reading. You can set reminders on any smartphone nowadays, and it’s also a good idea to find the best time of day that you gravitate towards reading. Many people pick up a book either when they wake up or are winding down to sleep, so find a rhythm that works for you!
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