There seems to be an ongoing literary debate of whether physical, print books are better than digital ebooks. Whichever side you choose, there’s compelling arguments for both.

Print books are the original source of all knowledge, so they’ll always rank supreme in that regard. They’re portable, and you can mark up the text as you please. For kinesthetic learners and visual learners, print books are the winner because you can physically hold the book and reference the text as needed. Even some avid book collectors say there’s nothing better than the feeling of crisp pages being turned between your fingers. It’s as if the story is begging to be told right in front of you.

Walt Chantry - Ebooks vs Print Books
Image: Pexels

Ebooks, on the other hand, present a different experience entirely. They’re typically cheaper because there is no physical manufacturing needed, plus they’re more readily accessible on phones, tablets, and desktops. For minimalists, ebooks are a great alternative to physical copies because they take up less space and create minimal clutter. Plus, digital downloads are easy to manage on most devices so you never have to worry about losing your favorite book and not being able to find it.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Choosing between print and ebooks comes down to your lifestyle and what fits comfortably into your daily habits. Leave a reply below, which do you prefer: print or digital books?