Walt Chantry Pros and cons of traditional publishing

If you are a writer who wants to publish a book, there are two methods to go about doing this: self-publishing and traditional publishing. The internet had made self-publishing easier than it has ever been. Depending on many different factors though, you may decide to go the traditional publishing route. 

Walt Chantry is an avid historian, author, and collector of antique books. Today he shares the pros and cons of traditional publishing. 

Pros of Traditional Publishing

  • No upfront cost to publish your book.
  • Opportunities to have your put sold in bookstores nationwide due to publisher prestige.
  • They take care of marketing and promotion
  • They already have a team of professionals available to you to help you finish your book.
  • You may be offered an advance.

Cons of Traditional Publishing

  • Traditional publishing is often a slow process.
  • You as the author don’t have as much creative control.
  • Traditional publishing royalties are often lower than self-publishing royalties.
  • You have to sign a lot of the rights to your work over to the publisher.