Civil War History

Amateur Civil War Historian, Walt Chantry is passionate about uncovering untold stories of Confederate Generals.

Walt Chantry is fascinated by stories of the American Civil War.  In particular, he enjoys researching Confederate Generals and the battles they experienced during the war.  An avid reader and writer of historical fiction, Walt often drafts his own Civil War inspired fiction stories.  Although these stories are largely drawn from imagination, each tale is founded in genuine research of true events of the Civil War.

Research on Confederate Generals

A great deal of Walt Chantry’s Civil War research focuses on the stories of Confederate Generals.  In his view, the experiences of Confederate Generals, like Stonewall Jackson, are under attack by the public.  Modern historians of the Civil War are often made to tiptoe around the stories of these individuals, due to today’s perception.  According to Walt, this is unfair to the men who participated in the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy. Whether today’s standards consider the Confederacy to be politically correct or not has little to do with the reality of history.  With many Confederate General statues being defaced and even formally removed, it is clear that the public is aiming to erase large portions of American history. By conducting his own research, Walt hopes to retain the accuracy and authenticity of the Civil War’s history.

Stonewall Jackson

By far, Walt Chantry’s favorite Confederate General to research is Stonewall Jackson.  Instrumental in commanding the Confederate States Army, Jackson is remembered for playing a prominent role in the majority of military engagements in the Civil War’s Eastern Theater.  Second only to General Robert E. Lee in terms of continued notoriety, Stonewall Jackson is perhaps one of the most popular Confederate Generals discussed. He participated in a multitude of battles during the Civil War.  Highlights of his participation included:

  • Battle of Chantilly (Northern Virginia Campaign)
  • First & Second Battles of Bull Run
  • Battle of Antietam (Maryland Campaign)