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If you are someone who loves books, it can be so hard to understand why some people just don’t like reading! Getting lost in worlds between the covers of a book can be one of the most rewarding activities. Some people, though, swear they don’t like reading, and there are several reasons this can happen.

Walk Chantry is an author, reader, and history enthusiast who loves to collect rare books. Today he shares the top reasons why people dislike reading:

  • Low literacy skills. Many people have poor reading skills, which would make it really frustrating to read, let alone for fun. As many as 54% of Americans aged 16 to 74 read below a sixth-grade level. If we want to see more people reading, something about our education system must improve.
  • Bad experiences with reading in youth. Going through school, if kids aren’t given the opportunity to read things that interest them, they will not associate reading with fun. These people will grow up to see reading only as a way to get school or occupational work done.
  • Poor concentration. The internet has given us unlimited access to information and instant gratification, and that is decreasing our attention spans to as little as 8 seconds. This makes it difficult for a lot of people to sit down and read books.