Walt Chantry

Walt Chantry is an avid historian who enjoys researching and reading about the American Civil War. A sports enthusiast and football fan, he enjoys following the careers of college football players.

Amateur Historian

American Civil War soldiers framed - Walt Chantry

The American Civil War

Throughout his life, Walt Chantry has harbored a love of history.  An avid reader and advocate for the intrinsic value of reading, research has always been second nature to him.  In particular, Walt enjoys studying the American Civil War. Diving deep to uncover the hidden stories of the Confederate Generals, this amateur historian aims to accurately preserve American history.  In recent years, the preservation of history has become tarnished due to public outcry regarding Confederate Generals. With statues being removed, it appears as though American history is being rewritten.  With Confederate Generals the likes of Stonewall Jackson in mind, Walt hopes that his research and writing will help to preserve the true history of the American Civil War for years to come.

Antique Book Collection & Maintenance

Walt Chantry Antique Books

Over the years, Walt Chantry has cultivated quite the collection of antique books.  Restoring old books is a labor of love for the avid reader. He considers the process to be an artform.  Carefully maintaining the books in his collection requires careful consideration and meticulous attention to detail.  He hopes that by preserving antique books, he can effectively preserve the stories detailed on each page.

College Football Fan

College Football linemen

A lifelong sports enthusiast, Walt Chantry has always loved the game of football.  While he enjoys watching NFL games, he also eagerly anticipates the college football season each year.  For this football fan, there’s something unique about being able to watch college football players develop into legends in their own right.  In the future, Walt hopes to visit the College Football Hall of Fame located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.