Walt Chantry Books & Reading

Walt Chantry is an avid reader and advocate for initiatives that promote the value of reading. In his spare time, Walt enjoys restoring antique books.

Nothing beats a good book!  When it comes to relaxation, reading is Walt Chantry’s go-to activity.  Fostering a lifelong love of reading, Walt has always adored immersing himself in a page-turning story.  An amateur historian, he particularly enjoys historical fiction and nonfiction. Fascinated by the untold tales of Confederate Generals of the American Civil War, Walt dabbles in drawing up his own short stories about Civil War battles.

Antique Book Restoration

The preservation of antique books is something that Walt Chantry has always deeply valued.  For years, he has tended to his own collection of old books. In his view, the books themselves are as intrinsically linked to history as the stories contained in the pages.  Over time, he has fine-tuned his approach to preserving and restoring old books. 

In his home, Walt Chantry maintains a diverse collection of antique books.  His collection is stored in a climate-controlled environment away from moisture and direct sunlight.  On a rotating schedule, Walt displays prized items of his collection on baked enamel shelves. Taking pride in his antique book maintenance, he enjoys the opportunity to show off his collection to friends and family who visit his home.

The READ Center

Walt Chantry is an advocate for the promotion of the value of reading.  He is proud to support organizations and initiatives that promote adult literacy.  One initiative Walt particularly supports is The READ Center, based in Richmond, Virginia.  Dedicated to promoting adult literacy, READ believes that there is a direct link between an individual’s literacy and overall prosperity.  In particular, READ states that there is an intrinsic link between low literacy and poor health and low educational attainment. In effect, this leads to lack of employability, poor housing and impoverished status.  By working directly with adults in the community to improve their reading ability, READ is effectively bettering lives. The message maintained by the organization is one that Walt has championed for years: reading is powerful!