It’s not something you see every season in the world of college football. But it certainly shakes up the field! Walt Chantry shares news of quarterback Jack Coan’s transfer from Wisconsin to Notre Dame.

College students transfer to different universities all the time.  It’s certainly not uncommon, to say the least.  What is uncommon, however, is a college athlete’s decision to transfer from one school to another during their college football career.  Even more rare would be the decision to transfer towards the end of an athlete’s collegiate career.  But that’s what Wisconsin quarterback, Jack Coan is projected to do for his final college football season.

According to longtime college football fanatic, Walt Chantry, the Wisconsin Badgers’s QB, Jack Coan is saying ‘goodbye’ to the University of Wisconsin and ‘hello’ to Notre Dame.  It’s an interesting leap for the Badger turned Fighting Irish, but not one that shocks Chantry.  Afterall, Coan did not play a single game this past season, due to an unfortunate foot injury suffered ahead of the season.  It’s safe to say that Coan’s disconnect from the Badgers has already been in the works… Walt Chantry wishes him the best of luck in his final college football season!