Keeping a collection of antique books can be a marvelous adventure! But without proper organization, your greatest gems may collect more dust than appreciation. Here are Walt Chantry’s suggestions on how to organize your personal library:

  • Separate hard covers from paperbacks

Now, this one seems simple enough — natural, even!  But especially when it comes to antique book collections, this separation is often overlooked.  Separating your hard covers from your paperbacks can lead to a much cleaner assortment overall.

  • Organize books by genre, subject or focus

The professionals (i.e. librarians, working historians and museums) follow this rule.  So it must be one that works!

  • Create a rotating mini collection of ‘books to read’

Especially when it comes to collecting antiques, it’s unlikely that you’ll be reading each book upon purchase.  Before your new stories get lost in the abyss of your collection, create a rotating mini-collection of books you still haven’t read yet.