Following the outcome of the 2020 election, Donald J. Trump has made presidential history. Walt Chantry discusses the details:

To say the least, the 2020 presidential election has made American history.  Our nation’s 45th president, Donald J. Trump racked up various historical markings in his competitive bid to remain in office.  As of the first ballot count, President Trump has garnered well over 71 million votes — far more than any other sitting president has ever received.

However, President Trump’s historical record breaking election results aren’t noteworthy for the vote count alone.  Unfortunately for the Republican party and die hard Trump supporters, the president has made history in quite a disappointing way.  Donald J. Trump is the first United States president to lose reelection.  Despite what appeared to be a promising campaign, it appears as though Trump will be passing the torch to President-Elect, Joe Biden.  In true Trump fashion, the Commander in Chief will not be going down without a fight.  As of right now, he is still highly contesting the results of the 2020 election.