A building steeped in Romanian history is at risk of being destroyed. These young historians in Romania are doing their part to prevent this from happening. Walt Chantry shares the story:

In Romania, a focal point of the nation’s history is facing extinction.  The spa resort, Baile Herculane (Hercules’ Baths), known for natural springs and scenic views, has been in complete disrepair since the fall of communism.  Now, country officials are looking to erase the resort from Romania’s history entirely.  However, a group of young historians isn’t allowing that to happen… at least, not without making their voices heard.

At the approval of the Romanian government, a team of 25 volunteers are working diligently to clean and repair the Neptune Baths.  The volunteer group consists of architects and eager young people passionate about their country’s history.  Walt Chantry applauds the incredible efforts of these historians and their plight to keep their history from being forgotten.