Walt Chantry, historian and antique book collector, is overjoyed by news from China that has added a rich array of ancient texts to a digital database. A major move in documenting and further understanding the history of China and its culture!

Digital copies of more than 1,700 sets of antique and old books have been digitized and made available for public use. This effort was made possible by the National Library of China (NLC) and nine other Chinese libraries.  NLC explained that this effort intends to preserve the history contained in these texts.. And make that history more accessible to the general public.

Amateur historian and avid book collector, Walt Chantry, is so excited to read this news!  He has followed the Beijing-based National Library of China’s digitization efforts for years.  Since the initiative first launched in 2016, the NLC has digitally transferred more than 33,000 book sets.  This is an incredible achievement in the preservation of history and a wonderful resource to be utilized by amateur and professional historians for generations to come!